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If you’re a smaller fat person and you embrace the word fat and use it descriptively and lovingly, that’s awesome. I just hope that you think about your big fat friends who can’t use weight limited gym equipment, are denied visas to countries, denied life saving operations, and…

A note to the girls who fly the fat flag even though they aren’t fat, just a little soft.  Its not about you FEELING fat, it is about BEING fat.  And if you can buy clothes at a store without hitting the plus size department every fucking time, you are not fat.  You are not helping the fat acceptance thing, you are claiming something that isnt yours.  Body acceptance and self love is one thing, but dont touch the F word if you aren’t part of the F club.

^^^^^This is SOOOO True! I see so many people on Tumblr that are flying the F flag and they clearly are NOT fat. If you are a size 12 - you are NOT fat, size 14 - NOT fat, size 16 - NOT fat, size 18 - still NOT fat….even if you are super short. If you can walk into any department store, find your size on a rack and pay regular prices for an outfit, then you are NOT fat! If however you HAVE to (NOT a choice, NOT a decision, but a mandate based on your clothing size) shop in the “plus size” section or have to go to a specialty store and pay exorbitant amounts of money for the same pair of pants that a size 0-18 can and does get for a “deal”, then you can proudly fly your F flag. It doesn’t stop and end with clothing though! There are soooo many other areas of life that are affected - medical conditions, medical care, health insurance, seat belts, VISAs, plane seats, furniture, the list goes on and on….so if you think you are fat because you wear a bigger size than you want to or a bigger size than a girl on a magazine cover, get some perspective!
Body acceptance is for EVERYONE - celebrate it, embrace it!
FAT acceptance is for FAT people! STOP claiming something that IS NOT YOURS!!!!!!
You don’t get to bounce back and forth between the two worlds (Fat and chubby/average size) as it fits your needs, suits your mood, enhances your blog or feeds your power/insecurity.
Check your privilege and stop claiming something that isn’t yours!






I suggest bombarding this journalist with responses from deathfat babes (a photo is “ideal” they say, so if you have one  then let them have it!)

I totally want them to be swamped with super fatty fat fat people in swimsuits.

(Please reblog this if you can, I want this journalist swimming in fat.)

My Email Response

1.  If you are seeking body confident people in bikinis why put the size restriction on?  Do you have any idea how small and well represented size 12-16 girls are?

2.  Why are you not doing a photo shoot?  Skinny girls get photo shoots.  And they get paid to do it.  How much do you pay your thin models that dont have an “inspirational fat chick” story you can exploit. 

3.  Body confidence is not a secret.  Its a way of life.  Its a rebellion.  Its a riot.

4.  Ideally I’ll have a photo of myself looking amazing in a summer outfit or togs, but don’t let it stop me from responding?  HOLD ON LEMME DIG THROUGH ALL MY FATTY MCFAT PICTURES OH NO IM COVERED IN FOOD IN THAT ONE OH HOLD ON I CANT SEE OVER MY DOUBLE CHIN WHERE OH WHERE DID I STASH MY FLATTERING PICTURES?!


6.  “but we want to show that this can be achieved by loving your body and projecting confidence, rather than starving yourself to size zero.”  Wow, you managed to fat shame and thin shame.  Amazing.  You guys sure are doing wonders for self esteem and body image.  Where would we be without you guys? 

7. “Of course we honour being a healthy weight and fitness for wellbeing, but we also know that you are not your bikini pant size.”  Are you my doctor?  Oh, no?  Turns out you know jack shit about my health - and the rest of everybody’s health too.  Mind your own fucking business.  Maybe you should sit down and brace yourself for this little gem but uh, some people choose to be fat.  I know it is hard to believe but there are actually people in this world that prefer being fat.  Being healthy isnt something fat people owe society and fat bodies do not need to be apologized for whether they are in a bathing suit, in the gym, or on a couch watching a movie eating a large pizza and loving it. 

8.  “Successful sources will not be paid.”  Oh, so you want to take average sized women and exploit their stories and make money off of them all while sending the message “Larger than life but still rocking it/ Fat women who SOMEHOW find themselves attractive/ Martyr Magazine features normal sized women What heroes!  AND not pay the models who decided on their own accord to ALLOW you to capture their beauty?  What an incredible platform and opportunity you are providing!

Go. Fuck. Yourself.  You are just like every other magazine.

My daughter is so fucking right on it BLOWS MY MIND!
My incredibly beautiful, brave, intelligent and bad ass daughter just served this journalist his/her ass on a platter!
Proud Mom moment #456718739823798192837648659857…..she’s cool like that!

My letter to Forever 21+

Good morning,
My name is xxxx xxxxxx and I am from xxxxxxxxxx, XX. Yesterday I was looking online for trendy plus size clothing and having a hard time finding cute outfits that wouldnt cost my entire pay check. I was directed to Forever 21+ by and looked through the online catalog. I absolutely loved what I saw and then looked to find one in town. Today I went to the Forever 21 located on xxxxxxxxxxx. I had never been to a Forever 21 before and I was absolutely baffled and crushed by what I saw there.

After searching the entirety of the expansive first floor without assistance, I moved to the upstairs. I found the plus size line in a dark corner on the far right side of the store. I walked in and felt ashamed. The Forever 21 areas WITHOUT plus size clothes include white walls, floors, and ceilings, bright lights, jewels strung from each end of the store, pictures of models accompanied by large fonts of “Love” and “Beauty” posted on every wall, and mirrors around every corner.

Upon entering the plus size area of the store I was greeted with NONE of the above. The plus size area of the store has 2 rows of dim track lights and a black spray painted unfinished ceiling to go with it. There was 1 mirror in the entire section that was roughly a 18 inches wide and 6 feet tall, the walls were completely bare, no models or complimentary words plastered anywhere, and in the farthest away corner they could have placed it in.

I was disgusted by this. Why is the feeling of the plus size section of the store so incredibly different from the rest of the store? Why is the paint job and design not only different, but absolutely non-existent? The lack of decoration, lighting, and atmosphere made me feel like I was doing something shameful that shouldnt be seen when really I was just trying to get cute clothes. The only other stores I have seen this shaded and tucked away in corners are sex shops, due to the fact that no one wants to be seen or associate with them. Is this how Forever 21 as a company views plus size consumers? As shameful or something that should be kept quiet and unseen due to unwanted association?

And to make it even worse, the only way to the second floor is on an escalator that is not more than 20 inches wide. So not only do you hide your plus size fashion section in an unlit corner, but you make it impossible for larger women to even GET the the clothing anyway. You carry a size 3X (typical hip measurements between 48 to 54 inches wide) but will not provide a way for the women looking for that size to get to it.

In addition to the presentation of the plus size area being shameful and cave-like, there were ZERO employees that wandered through this section of the store for the 45 minutes I was stood there. Upon leaving the store however, there was at least one employee devoted to every section of the non-plus size areas, asking people if they needed assistance, reorganizing clothing, or just smiling and saying hi.

I did not spend ANY money in your store though I found clothes I really loved, needed, and would have gladly purchased had it not been presented so poorly. I even went through the effort of trying on sweaters over my own clothing, there were no signs to dressing rooms in the plus size section so I, along with 2 other women, had to take turns looking in the mirror and pretending to be okay with this process. I felt like I was at Goodwill, not at a retail store in a high end mall.

"Plus-size clothing makes up only 18 percent of the women’s-apparel industry’s total revenue, despite the fact that 64 percent of American women are overweight (and others are too tall, muscular, and/or big-boned for a size 10)." -

Your company is part of the minimal 18 percent that actually supplies plus size clothing, yet you make it a shameful thing. Why carry this line if you have to put it in a cave with no lights, decorations, or atmosphere? Clearly there is little value in your plus size shoppers, so why even waste the space? This email doesnt even begin to explain the humiliation, shame, anger, and frustration I experienced at your store today. I dont know that I will ever step foot in a Forever 21 ever again, and I will direct my friends, family, and every contact on my facebook/twitter/and tumblr accounts to other stores who arent plus size-shamers and give their shoppers the common decency of feeling like a valued customer.


Xxxx Xxxxxx


I am a fat woman, hear me roar! This is bullshit and Im not having it! Spread the word, yall. There is no reason for curve-bashing like this in my opinion, and Im gonna tell them all about it.

This is a letter my beautiful and courageous daughter wrote <3

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